Porsche Boxster 986 Window Problems

Porsche Boxster 986

Porsche introduced the first generation of the Boxster roadster in 1996 with the 986. A roadster typically refers to a sports car with two seats. As popular as the 986 is with Porsche owners, there are some that have experienced problems that require the attention of a professional mechanic.

Some owners of the Porsche 986 roadster have reported having problems with the windows on their vehicles. They have had issues with the windows not going closing completely or sticking about three quarters of the way. It is more likely than not, that this problems concerns the electronics or the motor switch that operates the power windows. The switch perhaps, incorrectly, recognizes that the window is shut and ceases its closing function at that point leaving the window still ajar.

While having a window not close completely may not be a safety issue that can cause injury, obviously it is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. In the warmer weather many car drivers enjoy traveling with the windows down and would prefer not to run the air conditioning units unnecessarily. Not only that, when it rains the problems that can arise from windows that do not close properly are pretty obvious. Even if the car's owner can manually force the window closed, this is not something you want to be dealing with as you are driving down the road in a rainstorm.

If you are having problems with the windows on your Boxster 986 roadster not functioning properly, you should take it in for a complete analysis by an independent German import repair specialist.

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