Porsche Boxster 986 Coolant Leaks

Porsche Boxster 986

A roadster refers to a two seat sports car convertible and no one makes a better one than the German car company Porsche. Their Boxsters have been keeping fans satisfied for almost two decades since the introduction of the first generation 986. As beloved as the Boxster is, however, sometimes they do experience problems.

One such problem that 986 owners have encountered is a coolant leak. Even though the engine temperature is gauged to be normal and there are no outward signs that it has been overheating, the smell of the coolant is present and in some situations the actual leak can be observed. This may be a problem with the coolant reservoir where there is undoubtedly a leak. It may be a leak in the reservoir itself or perhaps the seal around the cap has be compromised in some way.

One possibility as to the cause of the coolant leak could be a faulty water pump. Even though the pump may not be completely worn out, it may be well on the way and it might be time to have it replaced. One way to determine whether or not the coolant reservoir has a leak, is to pull up the right side of the trunk liner and inspect the area for signs of leaked coolant. If the presence of coolant cannot be detected, there may be some other problem.

If your Porsche Boxster 986 is suffering from a coolant leak, don't put off having this issue investigated by a German auto maintenance mechanic. They can offer you a complete diagnosis as well as an estimate of all the repair costs involved.

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