• Summer Safety Essentials For Your Porsche

    Published 5 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    summer safety essentials for your vehicle

    Here are some summer essentials to keep in your Porsche
    Photo Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

    Pack your bags and head out on the highway this summer! Whether you’re road trippin’ to grandma’s house, the beach, to the mountains or across country, be sure to have some safety essentials in your vehicle for comfort, and in case of an emergency.

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  • Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Porsche

    Published 6 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Spring clean your vehicle today!
    Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass

    It looks like the whole country has caught up and we are in the thick of spring now, finally. Those rainy afternoons and dustings of pollen (especially if you live in the south) can dirty up your vehicle fast. Just like you “spring clean” your home, spring cleaning your Porsche is important too. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your vehicle.

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  • Spring On in to Your Local Porsche Repair Shop

    Published 8 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Spring into your nearest Porsche repair shop.

    Spring into your nearest Porsche repair shop
    Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer

    We have braved the frigid cold, dumps of snow and icy roads of winter 2017-2018, and finally, springtime is near. Your vehicle probably took a huge beating due to the harsh winter conditions. While we transition to longer days, shorter nights and warmer temps, it's now time to think about getting your vehicle ready for spring driving on the roadways and interstates. Here are a few things to have inspected by your neighborhood Porsche repair shop.

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  • Winter Porsche Care: Tires & TPMS

    Published 9 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Check the pressure of your tires monthly, especially in the winter.

    Check the pressure of your tires monthly, especially in the winter.
    Photo Credit: Jack Lyons

    This winter has been brutal for many motorists (it has even snowed a few times in the South!). When the temperature plummets and the icy elements are in full swing, your tires take a toll.

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  • Brake! The Porsche’s Tires Ring...And Other Holiday Road Trip Tips

    Published 11 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Holiday Travel Check List

    Holiday Travel Check List
    Photo Credit: Carodean Road Designs

    The ho-ho-holidays are here which means many folks will be traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. To avoid a blue Christmas and any roadside mishaps, be proactive by making a list—and be sure to check it twice— with these tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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