Minor Maintenance for Late Model Porsches

Basic maintenance for Porsche model years 2001 to present

While your Porsche will spend most of it's life out on the road, it will need a few check ups at your local Porsche maintenance provider to ensure that it stays in perfect working order for the optimal performance. One of the first steps in your Porsche maintenance schedule is minor maintenance.

What all is included in the Porsche Minor Maintenance service appointment?

During your appointment with your Porsche certified technician, you'll want to be sure that they complete the following:

  • Change the engine oil and filter,
  • Read out the fault memory of the diagnostic system,
  • Visually inspect your undercarriage for leaks and chafing,
  • Visually inspect underbody covers for completeness, fastenings, and any signs of damage,
  • Check coolant hose condition and coolant and antifreeze levels,
  • Visually inspect radiators and air intakes for blockage or soiling,
  • Replace particle filter,
  • Visually inspect brake pads, discs, hoses, and lines for wear, damage, routing, and corrosion,
  • Visually inspect drive shaft boots for leaks and/or damage,
  • Check pressure, wear, and condition of all tires,
  • Check functionality of locks, lid locks, safety hook, and internal trunk release,
  • Check functionality of vehicle lighting system, headlights, and horn,
  • Check fluid level and adjustments of headlight washers and windshield washers, and
  • Check functionality of electrical devises as well as indicator and warning lights.

After your inspection and service, your Porsche technician should take your vehicle for a road test to finish out your Porsche Minor Maintenance appointment.

How often will my Porsche need Minor Maintenance?

Porsche Minor Maintenance should performed at 20,000 miles, 60,000 miles, 100,000 miles, and so forth. If this mileage is not reached by year 2, year 6, year 10, etc, you will need to go ahead and perform the Porsche Minor Maintenance service.

In addition, please note that the engine oil and oil filter must be changed every 6,000 miles in vehicles that are driven in countries where leaded fuel is used, like the United States.

Besides Porsche Minor Maintenance, what other service appointments will I need to schedule?

In addition to Porsche Minor Maintenance, you'll also need to schedule appointments for Major Maintenance and miscellaneous maintenance tasks that you'll need to perform over the lifetime of your Porsche. For more information, please see our articles on Porsche service, maintenance, and repair.