Major Maintenance for Late Model Porsches

Advanced maintenance for Porsche model years 2001 to present

Every 40,000 miles, your Porsche needs a little more TLC than what you'll receive in the Porsche Minor Maintenance appointment. At this interval, your Porsche will need the Porsche Major Maintenance service, going above and beyond the task list included in the minor maintenance or oil service.

What is included in the Porsche Major Maintenance service appointment?

Porsche Major Maintenance includes all of the tasks from Porsche Minor Maintenance with a few additons, including the following:

  • Replace air filter element,
  • Check free play of the parking brake lever,
  • Check limit position of pedal on clutch,
  • Visually inspect the steering gear bellows for signs of damage,
  • Check the tie rod ends for play and dust bellows,
  • Check the axle joints for play and visually inspect the dust bellows for signs of damage,
  • Check the tightness of screw connections on the suspension adjustment system at the front and rear,
  • Visually inspect the exhaust system for leaks and signs of damage and check mounts, and
  • Check function and condition of seat belts.

As with the Porsche Minor Maintenance appointment, your certified Porsche technician will take your Porsche for a road test to ensure proper function and optimal performance in all areas.

How often will my Porsche need Major Maintenance?

Porsche Major Maintenance should performed at 40,000 miles, 80,000 miles, 120,000 miles, 160,000 miles, and so forth. If this mileage is not reached by year 4, year 8, year 12, etc, you will need to go ahead and perform the Porsche Minor Maintenance service.

In addition, please note that the engine oil and oil filter must be changed every 6,000 miles in vehicles that are driven in countries where leaded fuel is used, like the United States.

Besides Porsche Major Maintenance, what other service appointments will I need to schedule?

In addition to Porsche Major Maintenance, you'll also need to schedule appointments for Minor Maintenance and additional maintenance tasks that you'll need to perform over the lifetime of your Porsche. For more information, please see our articles on Porsche service, maintenance, and repair.