Common Repairs on the Porsche Cayman 718 - 3rd Generation

 Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman 718 is the third generation of the Cayman sports car, introduced in 2016 and still in production today. This German luxury automobile is praised for its exceptional performance, precise handling and engaging driving experience. Its striking design, combined with advanced technology and luxury features, makes it a desirable sports car for enthusiasts and Porsche enthusiasts alike. Problems in the Porsche Cayman 718 may include:

Potential Engine Misfires: A small number of 3rd generation Cayman models have experienced engine misfire issues. This can be caused by various factors, including faulty ignition coils or spark plugs. Timely replacement of these components by an independent Porsche repair center is crucial to maintain engine performance.

Electrical Issues: As with other Porsche models, electrical problems have been known to surface in the 3rd generation Cayman. These issues can range from intermittent malfunctioning of electronic components, such as the infotainment system or instrument cluster, to faulty sensors or modules.

Suspension System Problems: Suspension-related issues are no stranger to the third generation Cayman. Issues may include failed shock absorbers or an uneven ride height. These problems may require inspection by a Porsche repair expert who may recommend a replacement of the suspension components in order for optimal performance.

Oil Leaks: Oil leaks can originate from various sources, including the oil filter housing, valve cover gaskets or oil cooler. Prompt repair of any leaks is essential to prevent engine damage and maintain proper lubrication.

All of these problems and more can be remedied by taking your Porsche Cayman 718 to a local Porsche service center, where experts can quickly discover the source of any malfunction and correct it for you.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.