Porsche Boxster 987 Window Drop Problems

Porsche Boxster 987

From 2005 to 2012, German auto manufacturer Porsche produced the 987 Boxster. This sporty automobile has several desirable features including a convertible roof, a high-performance engine system, and a spacious interior. These characteristics make the Porsche 987 an extremely desirable vehicle for many car lovers worldwide. Though these vehicles offer many high-end appointments, several Porsche owners report issues with even the most basic of conveniences, specifically the automatic windows.

Many Porsche owners complain of malfunctions in the automatic window system. The automatic windows are designed to roll down completely by pressing the button down and holding briefly. A quick hit will stop the window and then allow for custom adjustment. In several Porsche 987 Boxsters, this mechanism fails and causes the window to ‘stick’ up or down. Further, this may be affected by whether the door is open or shut and may occur on either side of the vehicle.

The cause of the issue is usually either a faulty motor control unit or a bad connection between the unit and the vehicle’s electrical system. Repairing either issue requires a good working knowledge of Porsche electrical systems and should be attempted by an inexperienced mechanic. For this reason, we recommend visiting a professional if you have encountered a similar issue.

Your local Porsche service professionals have the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform this or any other repairs to you Porsche 987 Boxster. Their commitment to customer safety and satisfaction ensure your problem will be properly addressed and resolved in as little time as possible.

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