Common Repairs on the Porsche 911 Carrera - Water Cooled

Porsche Carrera

The water-cooled Carrera models have brought significant advancements in terms of performance, technology, and refinement to the Porsche 911 lineage. They continue to uphold the legacy of the 911 while incorporating modern engineering and features, offering enthusiasts a thrilling driving experience and the iconic Porsche driving dynamics. Some common issues you may encounter owning this model includes:

IMS (Intermediate Shaft) Bearing (996 generation): The 996 Carrera models had issues with IMS bearing failures, similar to the early air-cooled models. Upgrading or retrofitting the IMS bearing is advised to mitigate the risk.

IMS (Intermediate Shaft) Bearing (997 generation): While the IMS bearing issue improved in the 997 generation, some early models still experienced failures. Regular maintenance and inspection by a trusted Porsche service center are recommended.

Coolant Expansion Tank Failure: In certain 997 and 991 generation models, the plastic coolant expansion tanks could crack or fail, leading to coolant leaks. Upgrading to a more robust aftermarket expansion tank is often recommended.

A/C Condenser Failure: Some 997 and 991 generation models had issues with the air conditioning condenser failing, resulting in reduced cooling performance. Having your mechanic replace the faulty condenser may be necessary to restore proper functionality.

Visit a local Porsche service center for any repairs or malfunctions of your water-cooled Carrera.

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