Common Repairs on the Porsche Cayman 987

The Porsche Cayman was not, as many people assume, named after the Cayman Islands. Instead, “Cayman” is an alternate spelling of “caiman,” which are reptiles, closely related to alligators. Perhaps the name was meant to indicate the fierceness of the Cayman, and when the first generation, the 987, was released in 2005, the world saw indeed just how fierce it was, and many awards and much fame followed. Like all cars—both the great and the not so great—the Cayman 987 suffers from its fair share of issues, such as:

Power Steering Failure: Steering becomes more and more difficult, and sharp turns are often accompanied by a loud squealing sound. You might also notice the steering wheel being overly bouncy or jittery even at a complete stop.

Ticking Noises: Any unusual noise in a car is a sign of trouble. Listen specifically for repeated ticking accompanied by a flashing CEL (Check Engine Light).

Rear Hatch/Trunk Clunking Noises: Strange clunking sounds coming from the rear of the car, as though the trunk isn’t fully closed. Often this makes people think there’s something wrong with the suspension.

Leaking Coolant: Without coolant, the engine will overheat and burn out. Keep an eye out for sudden spikes in the car’s temperature and for visible pools of coolant underneath the car.

Water Pump Failure: Coolant needs to be forced through the tubes and hoses that keep the car cool, and the water pump does this job splendidly, unless it breaks. Louder and louder squealing accompanied by coolant being dumped from the rear of your car are good signs that your pump isn’t working properly.

These are only a few of the problems that your 987 might be dealing with. For any and all malfunctions, drive—or have your car towed—to a nearby German import service mechanic. They can fix her up, and keep you safe, allowing you to stop worrying about your car so that you can just enjoy it.

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