Common Repairs on the Porsche 911 996 Series

Ranking high among the two-door racing cars of the world, the Porsche 911 series has been a favorite at racing events around the globe, frequently taking home the most coveted prizes, and blowing away both critics and consumers. The 996 series, released in 1998, ran until 2004 and was a worthy link in the chain of Porsche flagships. Some of the more common problems 996 owners run into are:

Rough Engine Idling: The car beings to shudder and shake during idling and running. Sometimes the check engine light comes on, but the various dials and gauges on the dashboard indicate no abnormalities.

Intermediate Shaft Bearing Failure: A highly problematic issue, the failure of the IMS can rather quickly lead to a destroyed engine. Added to this is the fact that there are really no signs that will tell you if the IMS is on the way out.

Cracked Cylinder Heads: Manifested by exhaust bubbling out through the radiator and cylinder heads misfiring as they fill up with coolant, this can lead to a seized crankshaft.

2nd Gear Pop-Out Issue: Fast shifting combined with abnormally heavy loads can wreak havoc on the gears in your car, grinding down their teeth, and causing the transmission to unsteadily hold in 2nd gear.

Leaking Rear Main Seal: Most commonly signified by small pools of oil collecting underneath the car and along the flywheel, a leaking main seal could result in a permanently seized engine if not attended to promptly.

All of these problems and more can be remedied by taking your 996 to a local Porsche repair center, where experts can quickly and painlessly discover the source of any malfunction and solve it for you.

Search for a local, independent Porsche repair shop with Porsche mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.